Interview with LAST DAYS OF EDEN: “Maybe our main market is outside our borderlines”

Few days after the release of the new album by LAST DAYS OF EDEN, their fourth work Butterflies. We are talking to the band, so they can give us more details about its launching and their future plans.

TMF: Hello! Welcome to the Family! How are you?

LAST DAYS OF EDEN:  Hello! Everything is fine, thanks! We are enjoying the last sunshines from northern Spain and preparing for the long winter that is about to come.

It is the best work for us

TMF:”Butterflies” has just  been released. How was the reception?

LDOE: We really wanted this album to be released so much. So many expectatives and especially, hope. So far we have been receiving a lot of reviews and they are mostly good, so that makes us very proud. It is the best work for us and so it looks for the critics!

it is the most pure of the essence of the band

TMF: What are we going to find in this new album? What makes it different from the others?

LDOE: The most important thing is that it is the most pure of the essence of the band. We finally reached our sound. On the other hand, there is a mixture between folk, symphonic and metal, with melodies and strong riffs. The difference is totally subjective and each of you can appreciate it from a different perspective.

TMF: A lot of bands and artists composed during the pandemic. Is it your case? Or the album was  composed before it? How was the whole process in general terms?

LDOE: Exactly that was our case! The album was programmed for so much before, but the process of composition was delayed due to work in the studio. But the pandemic helped in the process of creating Butterflies. It was hard on the first instance, but when it started, we ran out of hours per day. It was like working 16 or 18 hours a day.

TMF: Has the pandemic affected the sound and the lyrics of the album?

LDOE: Sure thing! Everything has effects at different levels.The pandemic has been useful for thinking a lot and seeing things with different perspectives. The thought of “what is the most important thing” will change from a rich person to a family that is going through a war in Cameroon. But in the end it is the same thing…

TMF: Butterflies with this name, it seems to be like the second part of “Chrysalis” (2018). Are they related?

LDOE: Absolutely. When we released Chrysalis we knew that the next album would be called Butterflies. There is not a common theme. We have never done a concept album so far. For us it is like evolving and finding our true sound.

TMF: Following that metaphor, LAST DAYS OF EDEN is transforming without losing its essence?

LDOE: More than a transformation, we consider this as an evolution. Before the pandemic we were so united as a band. Playing more and more has been useful to define ourselves as a band.

TMF: After listening to it, I can say that there are better songs than the chosen ones for the singles. How did you choose them?

LDOE: Proud to hear it! Thanks! It was hard to choose them, because we wanted to show songs that can anticipate what we will launch and to make lyric videos. At the end we chose the three first songs, but there could also be others because we are in love with all of them.

With El Puerto Records we have more international expansion

TMF: For this work the band is supported by the German label El Puerto Records. How did it come up? What brought you this?

LDOE: When we started looking for different labels, we sent some of the first songs. After talking with some of them, we decided that that was the one that fitted more with our project. We also had good references from other bands that worked with them. In the end it was a true hard decision. But thanks to this, we have more international expansion, and that is what we are looking for at the moment.

TMF: Is time for international expansion?

LdOE: It has always been. The Spanish market is great,and people also want us here. But maybe our main market is outside our borderlines.

TMF: Speaking about internationality, the Rage tour has been cancelled. How are you dealing with this?

LDOE: It is something that we knew would happen. We are still starting to see the light after the pandemic, so that was a possibility. 2022 is going to be a tough year and we are trying to relocate dates, but we will see how things will come.

TMF: At least there is a special daten in UROCK and Sweden, with RAGE, NAZARETH, CORONER, ORDEN OGAN… A lot of big names. Is this the first time you participate in something like this?

LDOE: We have been in Portugal for the “Milagre Metaleiro” Fest. It is a festival in a village and the people living there make you feel like a family, but there is a lot of work after that feeling. We played with bands such as Rhapsody of Fire or Dynazty and a lot of friends. That was magic. In this case in Urock with bands ar Rage, Firewind or Nazareth, Dani is used to working with them. Also they have such a good and professional organisation.

TMF: How do you prepare for this kind of event?

LDOE: It can’t be more special because we are launching an album and it will be our first concert after two years. The setlist will basically be the new album with classic songs from us that should be played live.

we were amazed about the history in some of the towns

TMF: Do you have time to go sightseeing when you go on a tour? Any special places that you want to go?

LDOE: There is always time to make a short “escape”. It is true that the new tour is going to be different due to the fact that we are using a nightliner, but on long distances sometimes it is hard to get free time.But if you get the opportunity, it is almost a must! Anyway, so far we have been in different places and all of them have a special charm, and we were amazed about the history in some of the towns.

TMF: Before this fest, on 22 October you got another concert on Lugones (Asturias) . Which is your setlist?

LDOE: This is going to be a very special live session and also not so easy to repeat. We are going to prepare a show with a sound more related to folk music, with different instrumentations. No distorted guitars or drums. We wanted to do something different and the city hall offered us an acoustic concert. We hope it will be epic! The setlist will also be our new album!!!

TMF: Here is a blank space in case you want to say something.

LDOE: First of all, thank you for giving us time and space to talk about Butterflies. We are really excited with this work and we would like to invite all people to look for our videos on Youtube and our music on Spotify. The new album is fantastic and if you enjoy listening to it, at a live concert your pants will fall down!! HAHAHAHA! Best wishes to all of you. See you soon!

TMF: Thank you so much for your time and attention. See you in Sarnen, in Urrock to have a beer.

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