Interview to SCANNER: “The Scanner sound has been there and I can’t imitate that”

We were able to interview SCANNER during the hours leading up to the Skulls of Metal show. We were able to talk about the band’s current affairs and their short-term and long-term plans, and what awaits us during the evening’s performance.

THE METAL FAMILY: How are you?

SCANNER: (Stefan) Good! Fine!

It´s very nice in Spain. The people are very very great. The food is very very great.

TMF: How have you lived this pandemic?

S: (Stefan) Very sleepy (laughs)

It was the same in everywhere. We were still in Germany. it is the same as everywhere. 

TMF: How did you spend this time? Did you work on new material?

S: Yes of course. We were still working for the new album. At this moment we hope that it will be finished by the beginning of next year.

TMF: In Spain, not at all, but we can celebrate standing concerts with masks and full capacity. Is it the same in Germany?

S: We do not know.  At the moment, in some concerts you only attend sitting down and in other concerts people stand out there with no mask, you need to be vaccinated… It’s different from region to region.

TMF: Do you have a lot of concerts in Germany?

S: (Stefan) At the moment one show in November. The process of being back is very slow. We are at the beginning of the restart… (risas)

TMF: What are your plans for the future?

S: (Julius) To have a lot of fans (laughs). First of all we need to release a new album. The last album was in 2017. It’s time for a new album. Hopefully the fans will support it. I guess the fans will like it.

TMF: The band has a solid sound. How has it  evolved since your first album Hypertrace

S: (Julius) It’s difficult to answer because when you are involved in all of this you don’t check it for yourself that you change. Maybe there’s development, a progress, (ruido) (intuyo que dice algo que a lo largo del tiempo se nota que el sonido cambia, pero que la banda no se para a comprobar esto) There is always a difference between what you’re doing now and what you do two years later. .. plays the guitars, writes the songs and I want to get more involved with the band. I think at a certain point we will check out all the songs. The Scanner sound has been there and I can’t imitate that. 

TMF: The last to join the band was Stefan Weber. What does he add to the band?

S: (Julius) He’s a plus to the band. (name of former player) left the band because of personal reasons. And he’s up to get good stuff…

And he’s got the longest hair! And he’s a nice guy!

TMF: Today you play in the Skulls of Metal Festival. Bands like Riot V, Diamond Head, Grim Reaper or Skull Fist… were headliners in the festival. How do you feel being headliners too?

S: (Julius) It’s a pleasure. It’s a honour. A pleasure and honour to be in Spain again because you’re nice people and as fans, you have it! 

TMF: What are we going to see tonight in your show?

S: (Stefan) Crazy people! Older songs are to expect. A hell of a show with a lot of fans. And we will sing along. Hopefully, you’ll buy a t-shirt! 

TMF: Is this your first time in Spain?

S: (Stefan) No. we have already played here with numerous other bands.

TMF: omething to say in spanish?

S: (Stefan) Hola, cerveza, por favor, gracias!

TMF: If you could choose between immortality or to be the best band in the world,, What would you prefer?

S: (Julius) Immortality is so boring! to be immortal…for example, take Dracula, do you know Dracula? He is bored and he has this boring life for so many years and there’s a hundred years coming up and he’s like ‘oh no, the same thing again!’ It’s always the same. 

TMF: Would you like to add something?

S: (Julius) I would like to thank the organisers for the festival, it’s very big and it’s an honour to play there. And to our friends: nice to see you! Our fans come from far away and they come to see us. 

TMF: Thank you very much for your time and we hope you´ll have a great night!!

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