Interview with CRYPTA: “We all share the passion for death metal!

Today we have an interview with CRYPTA Brazilian death metal band, that was born in June 2019. Formed by Fernanda Lira (voice and bass) and Luana Dametto (drums), former members of the Brazilian thrash band Nervosa, along with guitarists Sonia Anubis (ex -Burning Witches, Cobra Spell) and Tainá Bergamaschi (Hagbard). They have also marked a turning point, focusing their project on a more extreme sound than they usually have in their original bands.

We took the opportunity to speak with his guitarist Sonia Anubis about his new album and the band’s current affairs.


THE METAL FAMILY: Hello Sonia! How are you?

Sonia Anubis (CRYPTA): We are doing very well! We just spent a whole month together  recording the very first CRYPTA album in a studio in São Paulo, Brazil. So we  just had a very productive time together behind our backs.


TMF: Barely a little over a year has passed since CRYPTA’s announcement. How has the reception been from your fans?

S.A. (C): It has been amazing, we didn’t expect that the response on CRYPTA would be  so overwhelming. We can only be thankful for the support that everyone has  been giving us!

Sonia Anubis (CRYPTA)

TMF: We know that CRYPTA was formed in June 2019. How was the idea of this new  project originated?

S.A. (C): Back in 2019, Fernanda and Luana had the idea to start a new death metal  band. For this new project they were in need for a guitarist, for this they asked  me! Which was a huge honour, and I definitely accepted their invitation! From  there we started writing music together. On a later stage we got Tainá in our  band as second guitarist.  

TMF: Have you ever met each other before?

S.A. (C): We actually met each other for the first time all-together past month (January  2021)! We have spent a whole month in the studio recording our debut in a  studio situated in São Paulo, Brazil! 


TMF: What do you think each member would contribute to the band sound? 

S.A. (C): We all have very different influences, but one thing that we share is the love  for death metal! I come up with a lot of blackened death riffs and melodic ideas,  and then some of us are very good at the more rhythmic based brutal death  ideas, so there are a lot of different influences. There is a good balance of  everything and this is what makes the music in CRYPTA special. 

We all share the passion for death metal!

TMF: Fernanda y Luana come from thrash, Sonia from classical heavy metal and Tainá from  folk style. Why this change of style? 

S.A. (C): We all share the passion for death metal! 


TMF: Will you offer a classic death metal style or a renewed one? Will it be influenced  by the sounds of your previous bands? 

S.A. (C): The sound of CRYPTA is a hybrid mix of the styles we like in the band, some  songs are more old-school, some are more brutal and some are more blackened  death. 

TMF: Some bands have been affected negatively by the pandemic, and others have  taken the advantage to compose or record in the studio. How did the situation affect  you? 

S.A. (C): When the pandemic started we were already in the process of writing the  album, and later on arranging, the studio, the mix /master and all that need to be  planned. So we have spent our time wisely! So far, we have already been able to  be together and record that album. It has been very difficult to manage  everything due to the pandemic, we all live far from each other. But we did it at  the end! A lot of covid-19 tests for everyone though of course. 

The debut album is freshly mastered and delivered to our label, this means  that it’s 100% done!

TMF: This band has created a lot of expectations. How are you doing with your debut?  At which point is located the new album? 

S.A. (C): The debut album is freshly mastered and delivered to our label, this means  that it’s 100% done!

Fernanda Lira y Luana Dametto (Estaka Rock) Fotografía: José Emilio Paqué

TMF: We could enjoy live shows in our country with Fernanda and Luana in festivals  like Estaka Rock, and you with Burning Witches in Rock en Femenino. How was your experience in  our country? 

S.A. (C): For me it’s like coming back home, since I’m half Spanish. I speak it fluently  too and I can talk with everyone there! It’s always nice to play in Spain since the  people are always very outgoing and passionated. We are looking forward to returning to this great country, but this time with CRYPTA.  


TMF: Would you like to come back to any of those festivals with CRYPTA? 

S.A. (C): Absolutely! Let’s do it!

TMF: You have also performed on big stages like Leyendas del Rock. What  do you feel playing to so many people? What do you prefer: small concert halls, big  concert halls or festivals? 

S.A. (C): All of them have something very special, but personally I love festivals the  most. Because of the big stages and the big audiences it’s always a very  incredible and mind-blowing experience, also you always get to meet a lot of  awesome musicians too! 


TMF: A label as Napalm Records is with you (something not surprising). How are  the feelings of working with this label? Which are the advantages and cons of  belonging to a big label? 

S.A. (C): We have members in the band that have worked with this label before, and the  experience has always been great! So we definitely think that working with them  with CRYPTA is nothing but a great collaboration.

Nobody will ever  enjoy music made without soul

TMF: If you had to do it, would you sell your souls to the devil to have success with  CRYPTA? 

S.A. (C): Good question, but I would rather keep my soul for myself! Nobody will ever  enjoy music made without soul. Not worth the deal!

TMF: Anything else that you would like to say to our readers? 

S.A. (C): Thanks a lot for having me on the interview and reading it! We are very  excited to show you what we got soon, so please stay tuned to all of our  upcoming news on our social channels. The new music is approaching!! 

We hope to see you all soon in Spain so we can crush some stages! Let’s hope  the pandemic is done asap so we can get back at concerts again. 

Most importantly stay safe and metal!

TMF: Thank you so much for answering us. From The Metal Family we would like to  wish you the best hopes regarding this new band, and we are sure that it will be very  successful due to your previous musical experience.


Stay tuned to the web because very soon we will have more news about the band and their debut album …

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