Interview to MIND DRILLER: “Not everything is plucking a guitar”


MIND DRILLER has just released their new EP called “InBolution”, made by remixes and bonus tracks of the acclaimed “Involution”. We took the opportunity to talk to the band and ask them for more details about the new “InBolution” and where are they at this moment.


THE METAL FAMILIY: First things first: We want to thank you for taking the time to talk to us. It’s a pleasure to be able to ask you some questions and I hope you like it. Let’s get down to it:

I’m going to try to get out of my fan status to be able to do a decent interview. It is evident that you are a band with so much influence, or at least this is shown by the critics and the staunch public that follows you. How do you live this success and the responsibility that comes with it, has it overwhelmed you at some point?


Reimon: Hahahaha (laughs) I think I speak for everyone in this band, we dedicate ourselves to music because we love it. I think that can be noticed in our shows…. WE ENJOY IT A LOT, that’s what we want to share with everyone who sees and/or listens to us. Regarding the responsibility, I think we have the RESPONSIBILITY to improve ourselves more and more, that is. Enjoy even more.

Javix: More than being overwhelmed it’s a satisfaction to see that people follows your work. Bands without the public are nothing, no matter how good you think you are, that’s how it is.

TMF: Do you consider that live shows are your main strength? What is the most important thing for you?


Reimon: It’s no secret to anyone that our live shows we try to give everything on stage and I think that’s our main strength. However, in the last 2 releases we have tried to improve the quality (image, sound, recording) in general so there can be a balance.


“We managed to savor it a bit”

TMF: Related to the previous question: How does a band with such presence, activity and live work survive a year in which you had to leave the stage due to COVID-19?


Reimon: As I mentioned, we do this because we really love making music, nothing more. Obviously, there is a sacrifice (familiar, financial, time and personal) behind everything that the public sees. However, fate played us a dirty game in 2020, where we had a pretty tight itinerary thanks to the F%&$$*** COVID, although we managed to savor it a bit until the beginning of March and we were EUFORIC. But there are things we can’t control.

Javix: It’s complicated since we were in the best moment of our career in MIND DRILLER, but after a process of assimilation… I think we have been able to adapt to the circumstances and we have tried to be active, and this is thanks to our fans who have been with us in whatever we have done or proposed.

TMF: Your group composition is very strange. I’m sure I’m not the first one to tell you something like this, how does a band with 3 singers come about? (I expect you to tell me that you love IL DIVO).


Reimon: Hahahahahaha (laughs) You’re not the first and you won’t be the last. These are orders from The Boss (Javi) who wanted to complicate his life…

Javix: Hahahaha, well it’s something that came to me when I made the project. I love industrial, melodic metal and alternative, and I said to myself: well, three voices, one of each style, and whatever God wants to happen… and here we are.

“Touring with OOMps! was like PANACEA”

TMF: How does an underground band face a growing activity like this; do you have problems when it comes to organize tour shows? And, if so, how do you prioritize?


Reimon: All of the members have our personal responsibilities (work, study, family) and we are used to deal with these things, thanks to the big number of years we have been making music. But technically before closing any gig, we discuss it and fill out a calendar to know if we will be able to do the proposed date.

TMF: Speaking of touring, just a year ago you were in Germany with OOMps! How was the experience? What memories do you have of this tour?


Reimon: PUFFFFFFFFF I think it was the best thing that ever happened to us. OOMps! are the PANACEA. They’re super close to us and it was one of the few good things we got from 2020. Personally, what I keep is how different the German public is (for the better) and the staff that came with us (Maic, Manuela, Leoni) and the Eder family that are now part of our family <3.

Javix: Personally, it was the experience, that’s the word, because I’ve been years in music and I always wanted to live something like that, which is how it is to be on tour with such a big band, what happens behind the stage … and everything was amazing and great, thanks also to how well Oomph behaved with us. Everything was great: how public reacted to our musical proposal. None knew about us on this tour, and people really liked what we shown.

“I’m goin to be quick… NO!”

TMF: There is a recurring question, something I always like to ask to bands: Do you think that music, and mainly metal, is supported by the cultural sector in our country?


Reimon: If we talk about Industrial metal in our country, we know that rests a lot of work to do, compared to other countries in Europe. However, we do not lose hope. It will change and that’s why we are still working on it.

Javix: I’m going to be quick… NO.

TMF: Getting down to business, how did the idea of this “InBolution” come up?


Reimon: “InBolution” is an EP that came out of nowhere, that is to say we didn’t have it in mind at the beginning. But we had a couple of songs we left in the drawer of the last album and seeing everything we were losing with the COVID, we decided to put together some ideas and BOOM, here is this B side of our album “Involution”.

Javix: Yes, the EP has been forced by the pandemic, but the truth is that we are very happy with the result and the reception of the people.


“Many people don’t give electronic music the value it deserves”

TMF: The composition of electronic music is one of your cornerstones, do you want to emphasize it in this B-side, to give it an even more presence?


Javix: In the remixes, yes. I personally love electronic music and I saw a great opportunity to give a twist to those “Involution” tracks, to make them more electronic, many people despise the work that electronic music has and they don’t give it the value it deserves, but it has its work and you have to have taste to put electronic music in certain parts… not everything is to make 6453839 notes on a guitar plucking to be worthy of something.


TMF: Mixing languages, where does it come from?


Javix: It’s something similar to the three voices haha. We tried to mix to see what would come out, trying to do something new, because musically, as much as people try to be original, it’s almost done already… And making something new from scratch is complicated.

“The year that never existed”

TMF: Because of the abhorred pandemic, there is a question that is impossible to dodge: Can you give me a short description of what this 2020 has meant for you as a band?


Reimon: The year that never existed.

Javix: From january to march a blast, from march to December, shit hahaha


TMF: What does this new year have in store? Some of us are looking forward to enjoy your live shows again and to see what’s brewing in your heads for the new set.


Reimon: We started this year with a lot of hope, but apparently (I hope I’m wrong) this year will be a B-side of the past.

Javix: It’s complicated, we will see if festivals can be done and we can play and we can resume the tour… But it’s complicated, if not we will have to reinvent ourselves again and look for alternatives. We are very stubborn haha.

“Thanks to them we still excited to continue doing it”

TMF: Finally: Anything to say to our readers? A big hug and greetings to the whole band.


Reimon: I want to thank all the public that follows us, thanks to them we are still excited to continue doing it. Also invite you to follow us on our social networks and subscribe to our official website and thank you very much to Metal Family for doing this nice job.

Javix: First of all I would like to thank you for the space you offer us to show our work and thank you readers for all your support.

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